Friday, February 06, 2009

Ski Day!

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Being as we are not huge football fans, and the teams were not very exciting, Jeff decided we were going to have family day at Bogus. It was "free" because 2 years ago I put a chunk of money on a Bogus Bucks account because they were having a huge sale. We looked into their childcare for Ian and decided that we'd check him in and the four of us would ski/snowboard. We got the kids their first lesson and went to check Ian in and found out that the childcare was CLOSED for the day due to the Winter Special Olympics! So mom got to hang out for an hour and 45 minutes during lessons! At least I caught a couple pictures. The boys had a blast and are looking forward to going again. And I'm looking forward to actually going skiing next time. It's been a while, so pray I don't hurt myself! :)

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Amy said...

Nice name for the basin!