Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meet Isabelle...

Being that #2 is such an animal lover, we have contemplated acquiring a new four-legged friend of the canine variety. And last Friday we found this cutie at the animal shelter. And, since she was on sale (did you know that shelters sometimes have specials on certain breeds? Isn't that funny?) we couldn't pass her up. I can NEVER pass up a good sale! They named her Isabelle, but we've taken to calling her Izzy. They thought she was a border collie/daschund mix. She is about one year old and so far so good! She doesn't bark, she loves sticking by us, doesn't beg for food and she has been very patient with #3 "petting" her; which has consisted of poking eyes and pulling eyebrows, as well as whiskers! Only problem is she wants to cuddle ALL the time! The boys are having a lot of fun with her.

We've been enjoying some warmer weather over the last few days. It was up in the high 50's yesterday! We got some much needed yard work done on Saturday and plan on doing some tumbleweed wrangling this weekend if the wind holds off and the weather stays nice. I'm really looking forward to the time change and Spring!
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Tyler and Marjean said...

Awwww....LOVE her!

Laura said...

Another four-legged beast! You're crazy.