Friday, February 29, 2008

Fun with Frompa

Due to unfortunate circumstances that I won't go into here, Frompa was close by and flew over for a day. The boys had fun visiting and getting spoiled with a trip the the Boise Army/Navy Surplus. Pictures of the soldiers are coming! But he got some great smiles out of #3. Thanks for the visit Frompa!
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Absolutely Evil


Thanks to my SIL Bether I have discovered a blog that is funny and evil. The Pioneer Woman has a Pioneer Woman Cooks blog with down home recipes. I saw this one yesterday (I have a lot of dead time while #3 is in his parasitic mode) and decided I had the few minutes it would take to whip it together. I stopped off at the store after picking up #1 from school because I didn't have Granny Smith apples...a little too tart to eat for my taste. And what self-respecting parent has Mt. Dew on hand? Just kidding, hope I didn't offend anyone. But the bi-product of this unlikely ingredient is naughty. Hubby and I only let the kids have one so we could have the rest for ourselves. We had them for dessert, and then dessert to dessert. Do you see the bottom of the pan. They aren't tongue marks, but they could be. That's how good it is. Then we had it for breakfast dessert this morning. Bad. This is what's left of a 9x13. Sad. Not good for the after-baby diet. Neither was the Corned Beef & Cabbage that Jeff wanted for dinner. But all that will have to be another blogpost.

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Things I Learned at Cal Poly

I know this Post from Pioneer Woman is uber-old, but it makes me think fondly of my days in college. Now clean up your dirty's nothing kinky. My dairy science Artificial Insemination class was quite the riot. I've had my arm in a cow just like PW's picture. It is a sensation you never forget. The cow probably doesn't either. And during the winter months, it's strangely warm and comforting. Your arm comes out steaming; covered in poo and steaming. My mom enjoyed telling EVERYONE about that class. Didn't care about the others but the "arm up a cow's butt" class was widely discussed. Being that the class discussed all manner of reproduction, the study group was a riot. It was hard to keep it serious when you're talking about bulls and cows and teasers and artificial vaginas. I think Marjeuh and I threw away our AI clothes... there's not getting those stains out! And Lnthomps couldn't stand our smell when we came home from lab day. Fun memories!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Name the Location

BO2 has been full of funnies. He came downstairs from his shower with Big Brother and revealed these Halloween tattoos. You figure out where he put them. And he did it with no help...what talent.

Not PC to write the title I wanted you name the post!

We cracked up at this. I had just been at the doctor for BO2's & BO3's shots, as evidenced by the sucker sticking out of BO2's mouth. I had purchased this Batman helmet the day before at Goodwill and he insisted on wearing it. Thankfully he took it off before we went to the Dr.'s office. I think the shots took a bit out of him. I noticed it was quiet on the way home and turned around to find this! I called daddy as I pulled into the driveway so he could bring the camera; this was definitely a Kodak moment.
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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Nothin' Sweeter

Ah, nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. He likes the swing if he's almost asleep when he goes in it. Then we get anywhere from 15-45 minutes out of it. You know what they say about beggars...
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An Official Tub Bather

We've had a few baths in the baby tub and aside from the screams when he's lifted in or out, he likes it! The boys helped me one day...they both had to have a turn with the washcloth. And in the interest of decency, we placed the washcloth over his parts for this picture. He's really chunking out. And his eyelashes are starting to fill in. Let's hope he gets killer eyelashes like BO2 (birth order #2).
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