Sunday, November 11, 2007

4 Year Old Bliss

Here is the cutest pic of Caleb from his birthday. He got this "frown" (or crown) and card from preschool. We brought cookies and treat bags to his class. Luckily he's only four and doesn't care about not having a party! He received a plethora of Tranformers, as well as the movie, and had a tank cake, so he was a happy guy. We've done both his new puzzles and read the books, too. I've posted more pictures on my Web go to for more pics of the birthday festivities and the past few weeks...
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Fall Treat Recipe

I found this fun treat recipe in the Dr.'s office for these corn pop "rice krispy treat" type things. Of course, I didn't have the recipe at home and I couldn't find it on Family Fun's website, so I decided to wing it. Due to the affects of late pregnancy I forgot the key ingredient of butter before melting the marshmallows...soooo...they didn't taste very good. Maybe it was the corn pops we didn't like. But either way, they were VERY cute to look at. And we might try them again using the correct ingredients and maybe some different cereal. But the boys had fun shaping them and eating the fruit leather "husk". I know I'm admitting to some domestic inadequacies here, but it was a fun idea :)!
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Halloween Night

We are pretty low-key about Halloween, but the boys got to use their McDonald's bucks (Thanks Pat-Pat!) and we did a bit of trick or treating. Garrett was the "Thing" from Fantastic Four and Caleb was obviously Spiderman. Also had to show off their pumpkins!

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