Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Fever in Idaho!

We've got it. You gotta love Idaho...we have snow three weeks later it's 75F and the boys are in the pool! Garrett's been trying his hand at bike riding without his training wheels. Not too good yet; but mostly because he only tries a couple of times before he gets frustrated and stomps off! Oh, childhood is so rough! You can see Caleb enjoying the warm weather sporting his new spring wardrobe choice--no shirt, no shoes, no problem (at our house anyway!) I'm expecting cooler temperatures any minute. We've had record highs for this time of year, but until it cools again I'm going to enjoy it!

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Friday, March 16, 2007

The boys have a new little sister!

After a much anticipated arrival, we announce the birth of Goaty Johnson. AKA Miss Pim or Whitey. Although she is not human, we may as well have had a baby. The mother rejected her (Animals are soo dumb) so we are having to bottle feed her. But she is so cute! She follows you around like a dog. She walked with me to the mailbox the other day! She's going to think she's a person instead of a goat pretty soon. In case you were wondering, we're registered at D&B Supply and Target. (Just kidding! Ha, get it? Kidding! I crack myself up!)
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Within Two Weeks...

You gott love this...two weeks ago we had snow...kinda hard to see in the picture. But we had a good amount of it. And last weekend it was in the 70's and Garrett decided to go swimming. We had drained the pool to clean it (yuck!) and as we filled it back up the boys had a blast. It still looks a bit "Pondy" here, but he enjoyed the warmth of the well water and the perfect weather. We're expecting 70 degree temps for the next 5 days and you'll hear no complaints from any of us!
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