Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Floater

This isn't a very good quality picture, but it was too cute with that big grin. We gave him strawberries (the boat creates a nice catch all so they don't fall!) and let him gnaw away. He LOVES strawberries! Jeff has finally gotten him used to the pool on his own. We always had to hold him before. Now he gets to float around and watch all the shenanigans going on around him.
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Posing Pals

I know, I'm playing a bit of catch up here! But here's a good close up of our boys...notice the addition of BO#1's holster and gun to complete the ensemble!
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Not to be outdone...

BO#2 loves playing dress up too. Though, he's not quite as thorough has big brother! Don't know what look he was going for here...but it works when you're 4.
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Indiana Johnson

The boys have been a bit obsessed with Indiana much so that they are constantly humming the theme song. Dundundundun, dundundun, dundundundun, dun du du dun dun...I have been humming it constantly too! Anyhow, Frompa sent them some fun "back to school" suprises which consisted of an Indiana Jones signature satchel and hat. BO#1 uses his button up dress shirt, a belt as a whip and creates adventures about the yard. In these pictures, Jeff caught him "accidently" falling into the pool with all his clothes on! While he was there, he thought it the perfect opportunity to act out the scene when Harrison Ford jumps into the river to catch the plane in Raiders of the Lost Ark. All I can say is Oy Vey. I guess you could say that he gets the movie bug from his dad. I must admit he makes a good Indi...and he's got the outfit down to a T!
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Fresh Crabs!

We enjoyed a GREAT weekend on Camano Island (outside of Seattle) with Jeff's boss/partner's family. What a great place...the boys had a blast...and I got my fill of fresh crab! Click on the link for my web album on the left under My Links for more pictures.
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Yum, Yum!

Ian is really enjoying his food! He digs the "garden vegetable" puffs by Gerber!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Do you hear that?

Ah, the sound is quiet! This is BO1's first day of 2nd Grade and I was up at 6:30 (ouch, it's been a while!) and have enjoyed almost 2 hours without children awake. That's been nearly unheard of the past 2 months! We had Open House on Monday night and he's been excited. And none too soon. He has been a bit of a bear this summer. I think that kid needs structure. For 2 weeks now he's been telling us "I'm kind of excited for school to start, but kind of not." And I know how he feels. I'm excited for the return of some routine (and some peace and quiet!) but I'll miss the freeform days of summer. Countdown to Sept. 2nd for BO2 to start Pre-K classes in the morning! Then only 5 more years until BO3 starts! :)