Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow Fort!

Jeff had fun making this lean-to snow fort for the boys yesterday. They used it as their Army base. Then today we found Army stocking caps and gloves on clearance at Target for $ they are all set to go!
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mr. Smiley Pants

Most of the day was spent holding him so he'd sleep, or trying to calm fussing or crying; but I did get some great smiling shots! :) I love the "old toothless man" look they have at this age. But very fun and rewarding to get these real smiles! My how they change in just a few short weeks. Well, short for those of you who aren't up every two hours feeding him! For more pictures go to

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Clean Baby

Not the most flattering picture, but this was his first sponge bath event! We've been taking him into the shower with us for cleaning matter the method he's usually quite unhappy the whole time! But he didn't do too bad here. Just doesn't like his privates exposed to the cold outside air! He's growing like a weed... I took him on the scale with me and he's already over 10 lbs.!
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Snow Day!!

Global Warming??? We just had 4-6 inches of snow...locals say the most our area has had at once in 10 years! The boys had a blast sledding...and yesterday most of the area schools were closed due to road conditions. It was a bit of a mess out! Most of it is melted already, but there's still white in a lot of places. Jeff and Garrett are looking forward to hitting the slopes this weekend.
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