Monday, October 30, 2006

We're on the Potty-Training Home Stretch

Well, some mothers may cringe...and Caleb certainly will one day...but I had to post this "potty" picture for the world to see. We could not go forward another day without commemorating one of life's, and motherhood's, most exciting feats-Potty Training! And now that I'm on the subject, why, pray tell, is it called potty training? What kind of person comes up with such an oxymoronic sounding phrase? Potty is such a mommy/toddler word and training sounds so military. How do you reconcile the two? So many questions tonight. I'm sorry. It must be all the bleach fumes I inhaled today in my crazy "my mom's coming tomorrow and I'm having people over to my house this weekend" frenzy. Please forgive me.
Now, what other events have I forgotten to blog in the past few weeks that I now have to do all in one night? (And no, I haven't been taking any drugs, though I do sound slightly manic. :))

Oh so yummy!

Okay, this one is for Beth & Laura; my recipe swapping friends. I found this tomato bread recipe in my most favorite bread machine book and it was yummy! The picture does it no justice (sorry, Beth is the photographer in the family.) Not only that, but I was being lazy the day I made this and just let the bread machine bake it instead of making a "pretty" loaf. I had to show ya'll the picture of the yummy turkey and provolone sandwich I made with it for lunch the next day, too...let me know if you want the recipe!
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Another Little (or Big) Reminder from God

Isn't this awesome? This was definitely one of those "nature" moments that makes you stop and remember what an incredible world God made! Jeff took this picture of the boys a few weeks ago (sorry, I have a lot of blog catching up to do!) The boys were happy to pose for this picture...we love rainbows! And please don't tell Great-Grandma Johnson that Caleb was shirt-less in less than 90 degree weather! :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I may be showing off, but...

Well, I couldn't resist posting more pictures of our pumpkins and gourds...but please excuse the appearance of the weary "Pumpkin Peddler" girls! And here's one of our biggest fans helping to show off the fruit of our vines!

We lost a tooth!

Garrett lost his first tooth a couple of weeks he is! He was so excited when he brought his little "tooth bag" home from school! And for those that want to know, he got $2 from the tooth fairy...I think inflation has hit her too!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Just another pumpkin picture

Here's another picture from "Pumpkin Pickin' Day" showing our side pasture and some of the bounty! It was so fun to go out and hunt down the pumpkins. I didn't think we had very many until I looked under all the giant leaves of the plants. I was very pleasantly surprised! Posted by Picasa

Holy Mackerel!!, I Mean, Squash

Well the long awaited picture is finally posted. Here is some of our wondrous bounty! This was the first load of pumpkins and gourds that we "delivered". We named our little enterprise "The Pumpkin Peddlers"...aren't we cute? I have already made $200~yeah! And we still have more pickin' to do. Laura (or "my friend, Laura" as Laura would put it) and I have already scoped out all the really cool varieties we want to grow next year and I bet you all can hardly wait to see how those look, too. :) Posted by Picasa