Friday, June 15, 2007

Day at Disneyland

Here are the pictures of our day at Disneyland...this was Caleb's first trip and Garrett's second. Caleb didn't enjoy any of the "fun" rides; he had his hands over his eyes during the Matterhorn and got a bit scared on Star Tours and Pirates! You'll also notice he's missing from the picture with Mickey...and think the big mouse was a bit intimidating! But Garrett loved 'em all! He went twice on Big Thunder Mtn. What a blast that one is! It was a great day...not too many people (it was a Monday) and the boys were troopers. We were in the gates at 10 am and didn't leave until 9 pm. Caleb didn't even stay awake until we hit the freeway!

Training with Frompa

Garrett has always been fascinated with Frompa's Bowflex. On our visit to CA in early June we had a bit of a training session! Here's Garrett pumping iron in anticipation of the days when he's interested in looking burly for the girls...

Lil Fishermen

Well, I may have a few months of catching up to do, but I'm trying! Here are some great pics of the fish Garrett caught at the river near our house. I think the 16 lb carp would have pulled him into the water if we hadn't been close to help. It took about 15 minutes (with lots of help from Pop-pop) to reel him in. The smaller fish was a great 3.5 lb bass that was quite tasty!