Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Pake's Gone Home...

...and although expected, an incredible sense of loss is with the family. For those of you unaware, my Pake was my mom's father. After many years of Parkinson's, the hard decision was made to place him at Silverado Senior Facility about 5 weeks ago. He contracted pneumonia on Monday morning and passed away on Tuesday afternoon surrounded by most of our family. It was difficult to be in Idaho when I so wanted to be with the rest of my family; to connect with them while remembering and mourning our loss. It's amazing the incredible need to be with family at these times. Well the five of us are all in Escondido now; trying to help where we can. Too bad these things can't be planned; this was a tough time to get away. Jeff is incredibly busy right now, the kids have all been sick and my parents are at the tail end of moving out of their house that they'll close escrow on in about a week. But on the plus side, I'll get to see my new little nephew Quinn (See Bether's Blog on the links) who I didn't think I'd get to see until June!
And the best news is we know that Pake is enjoying his time in his eternal home. No more pain, no more confusion. We will miss him immensely as we live out our days on this earth and look forward to seeing him again!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Profound Question from Child #2

I am secretly (actually, not secretly now) thrilled that I don't have to do the soccer thing this morning!! Yeah. But the downside is that B2 has a fever; again. I just don't think they're kicking whatever bug is hanging around. I feel like we've been sick since Christmas.

But I'm relishing a baby in bed and some time to fold laundry. B2 was watching America's Funniest Home Videos and must have seen a clip with a bald person. "Mom," he asked, "when bald people are in the shower, do they still have to wash their hair?"

Hee, hee. Gotta love five year olds.