Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A family yard day...

Our first 70 degree day came along and we had the bug to work outside. It ended up being "clean out the waterfall" day.
#1 used some mud to look like a professional NFL player. He's going to play football for the first time in September.
These are what we call "Pake Toes" in our family. Like fat little sausages. I hate my feet. Notice the mud, though? I was working hard!
#2 excited about using the pooper scooper. This dog does not like to poop in the pasture like her predecessors. The joy of the pooper scooper wore of quickly.
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A well placed arm

When in CA for Pake's funeral, we got to enjoy some hot weather and the kids got to go in Pop-pop's and Beppe's spa. We got some great 'naki' photos of #3...this is the only one I can publish! Can't wait for pool season here in Idaho!
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I'm playing catch up with posting again!
We had the far neighbors over for Glenda's and Garrett's birthday on Sunday. B#3 and Andy were out giving Isabelle some love. Now we know who can dog sit when we leave town! Or maybe who to leave #3 with! He kept going to Andy all day. As quoted by himself, "something must be wrong with this kid if he comes to me!"
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Differing of opinions...

Love these pictures we got of B#3 fighting with my cousin's daughter. Gotta love toddlers! He didn't want her to have ANYTHING that he thought looked like fun. She was a good sport, though. :)
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