Thursday, September 25, 2008

What I've been spending time on...

Sorry I havent' blogged a lot....but I've been spending tons of time with Soccer stuff and this sale I'm consigning in next weekend. Give it a visit and check it out. I was able to set up this blog for the ladies hosting the sale and it's been really fun to pitch in and help get the word out. There are some fun and talented ladies in this group! Now let's hope I finish all this furniture sitting in my shop! Good thing Beppe's coming up to help with the last minute rush! :) I'll try to post pics of the sale so you can all see the fun if you aren't able to make it! The two pics above are just some of the little things I'll be hawking (sp?) next week.

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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the pics of the boys!!! Sorry I've not talked before now!!! Can't wait to have a critter that plays baseball!!! Do you suppose W&B will have a BOY?..K&S found out their's is an outsided...believe it or not..his name is Caleb!! Miss E is gonna have to say.....Caleb J and Caleb G when it comes to her cousins!! Isn't that wonderful!!!
Give your guys a hug and kiss from me.....ALL OF THEM!!
Special hug to YOU!!!