Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Beautiful Day for Soccer

Well, BO#2 had his FIRST ever soccer game yesterday! He did great! He's one of the youngest (though not the smallest) kids on the team but he didn't look like it on the field! He really goes after the ball and doesn't back down. We were a little concerned after his first practice; he kept falling down for theatrical purposes, but didn't do it at all for the game. We had one lost cleat episode. I guess big brother's cleats are a little too big still :) The team named themselves the Green Dragons. Gotta love little boys!

BO#1 had his first game of the season yesterday too. Unfortunately, both boys have their games at the same time so daddy has to miss BO#2's games since he's coaching BO#1. But the Tiger's (3rd picture) did great too! BO#1 wanted to name their team the Cheetos! Both boys have a pretty natural knack for the game...wonder who they get that from? Daddy, maybe?

I fear I've become a dreaded soccer mom. I've been roped into serving on the soccer board and running the league fundraiser. Not to mention 6 more weeks of twice weekly practices and Saturday morning games....cross your fingers that the weather stays nice through the end of October and I don't lose my marbles in the meantime!
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