Friday, February 29, 2008

Things I Learned at Cal Poly

I know this Post from Pioneer Woman is uber-old, but it makes me think fondly of my days in college. Now clean up your dirty's nothing kinky. My dairy science Artificial Insemination class was quite the riot. I've had my arm in a cow just like PW's picture. It is a sensation you never forget. The cow probably doesn't either. And during the winter months, it's strangely warm and comforting. Your arm comes out steaming; covered in poo and steaming. My mom enjoyed telling EVERYONE about that class. Didn't care about the others but the "arm up a cow's butt" class was widely discussed. Being that the class discussed all manner of reproduction, the study group was a riot. It was hard to keep it serious when you're talking about bulls and cows and teasers and artificial vaginas. I think Marjeuh and I threw away our AI clothes... there's not getting those stains out! And Lnthomps couldn't stand our smell when we came home from lab day. Fun memories!


Beth said...

Having not experienced the steamy sensation of warm cow behinds, ALL I can say is YUCK! You crack me up with the things you 'remember'!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, we were the coolest! I'm embarrassed to say that I think I just recently threw away thos jeans.... They made it for awhile as cutoff painting jeans, but finally were plain worn out!
I'll look for some of those pics and we can post them. I show them to my students to gross them out....its self defense, they gross me out all of the time!