Thursday, September 13, 2007


So I spent some time creating a "possible names" list for bambino #3. We're getting closer and we haven't spent much time on it yet. I sent my cooky husband these names and he had some very serious comments...ha! I've highlighted his responses in green, then my replies in orange. For anyone who knows Jeff, these will be funny. Heck, you may not even have to know him to think they're funny. The one's with asterisks are names he actually I guess he took part of this "assignment" seriously!

Feel free to vote for your favorites...we'll take them into consideration!

*Ethan--strong, firm
Elijah--the Lord is my God
Levi--Joined to, united. Can I call him 501 for short? Did I ask for smartass comments?
Noah--rest, comfort
Reuben--behold a son. This makes me want to eat him. Reminds me a heavy set mexican dude. Me too.
Sam--to hear. Sam Elliot Johnson. LOVE it! I will have to grow my moustache again. Please don't
Samuel--asked of God.
*Seth--Appointed one.
Tobey or Toby--God is good
Zachary--remembered by God.
Cole--Greek, victory of the people. I never really could buy Nicole Kidman as a shrink. Oh, I get it...Days of Thunder
Nicholas--Greek, victory of the people
Reed or Reid--a reed or red haired- How do you do half an asterisk? U r strange
Brady- One of a bunch Haha
*Clay-finer than loam..maybe we should name him Sandy Loam Johnson…that’s cowboyish and reminds me of Delmar Dingus
Ian--God is gracious
Ben--son of my right hand
Lane- Like an Avenue but with trees. A bit frosty. You’ve ruined a lot of good names here.
Heath-Lighter than Skor…I like both of those candy bars. Okay, so we’re not Norwegian or Gaelic, but I’m trying to be multi-cultural
*Reese-What's with the candy names? Are you hungry? Uh, maybe. (This is a family grandmother's maiden name.)
Blake-I knew named this. He was a retard. Actually his name was Chris and his last name was blake. His dad was an Eastern airlines pilot. On the West coast. Go figure. ????
Nate- Nate Paul. Short for Nathan no response comes to mind
*Ty- 2 of the last 3 names are may cousin Gary's kids names. So? They’re cowboys, aren’t they? It’s not like you're real close to them; aren't they like 3rd cousins?!
*Nick or Nicholas- You must like this one you listed it twice. Guess so!

Well I guess you successfully narrowed down that list…


Jeff said...

An explanation of Reuben...

I don't want to eat heavy set mexican people. I was referring to the sandwich made with Rye, Russian dressing, corned beef, and sauerkraut.

Beth said...

I still like Tyler (Ty) Reese Johnson. Like Sam too! Please no Reuben... just doesn't sound like one of your kids. But it does sound like something Jeff would enjoy eating!

Tyler Rath said...

I like Tyler (Ty)! With a name like Ty, he'll be mutton busting at the rodeo in no time. With a name like Ty Johnson, you almost have to ride bulls.

Aunt Jennie said...

I like Tyler and Heath... I also like Lex, that was Uncle Johns middle name.. Oh, well, there's my two cents... !!!

Hoop said...

Zachary...that's got a good ring to it!