Thursday, September 13, 2007

Labor Day Weekend in Seattle

For more pics, go to my webalbum. We had some plans to go to McCall for the weekend, but things fell through so we made a quick weekend trip to visit one of the Pacific Northwest locations we've been wanting to see since we moved to Idaho. Seattle is a fun town with lots to do. We stayed downtown (thanks to Priceline!) and were able to walk or take the bus or monorail everywhere. We visited the Aquarium, Pike Place Market (Caleb loved the "fish toss"), Pacific Science Center and we took a one-hour bay cruise. We were all worn out but it was well worth it. It's a beautiful area! It was fun to be in a bigger city again...there are Starbucks on every block (LITERALLY!) so Jeff was thrilled. We went to a great Vietnamese restaurant and bought a tasty picnic lunch at the Italian Deli in Pike's. Sadly, the seafood restaurant we tried was a tourist trap we suspect, and it was very disappointing. I've had better seafood in Idaho! We're looking forward to heading there again! For anyone visiting Seattle, or any other larger city, I definitely suggest looking into buying the Citypass or GoCard. If you're doing the typical "tourist" stuff, you can easily save 25-40% off admissions. Look into it!
And if you're wondering what the deal is with the pigs in the pictures, go to . The kids had fun finding the pigs on the city streets...we didn't get a picture of the "Pirate Pig" (Caleb's favorite) but we liked this "Salmon Pig" a lot!
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