Monday, October 30, 2006

We're on the Potty-Training Home Stretch

Well, some mothers may cringe...and Caleb certainly will one day...but I had to post this "potty" picture for the world to see. We could not go forward another day without commemorating one of life's, and motherhood's, most exciting feats-Potty Training! And now that I'm on the subject, why, pray tell, is it called potty training? What kind of person comes up with such an oxymoronic sounding phrase? Potty is such a mommy/toddler word and training sounds so military. How do you reconcile the two? So many questions tonight. I'm sorry. It must be all the bleach fumes I inhaled today in my crazy "my mom's coming tomorrow and I'm having people over to my house this weekend" frenzy. Please forgive me.
Now, what other events have I forgotten to blog in the past few weeks that I now have to do all in one night? (And no, I haven't been taking any drugs, though I do sound slightly manic. :))


R said...

He looks cute sitting on the pot if that is any consolation!

I usually lose my mind when I work with bleach too! It would probably be bad if we got together! Ha ha.

Natalie said...

hey sheri, i am leaving a message on your blog (don't know if you check it) because Laura said you wanted a picture of us... so my profile pic will hopefully show up! :) talk to you soon!

Marjean said...

Hi Caleb! You know, that is Tyler's favorite place to sit, too! The only thing missing is the Fortune magazine.
Auntie Marjean