Monday, October 02, 2006

Just another pumpkin picture

Here's another picture from "Pumpkin Pickin' Day" showing our side pasture and some of the bounty! It was so fun to go out and hunt down the pumpkins. I didn't think we had very many until I looked under all the giant leaves of the plants. I was very pleasantly surprised! Posted by Picasa


amie said... fun!!!! I am totally jealous of your lovely little orange orbs of autumnal, I mean, your pumpkins...

R said...

Too cool...Sorry I haven't checked on here lately. You are a good friend to your friend Laura, and I am so grateful to you!!! I can't wait to meet you some day.

Good gourds and pumpkins! Wish I could have been there to help pick!

~sheri~ said...

Sorry this response was so rudely late in coming!

Thanks for the blog makes me think that people may actually be reading it once in a while!  I, too, look forward to meeting you someday...and as for pumpkin picking, your help is welcomed anytime! My very-soon-to-be-30 year-old body can’t harvest heavy objects like it used to!

~sheri~ said...


I think you've got something with the autumnal orbs thing. "My friend Laura" and I named our little cottage industry "The Pumpkin Peddlers" but maybe out tagline could read "Specializing in autumnal orbs!" I love it! I can't help's my marketing degree coming back to haunt me!

Laura said...

Wow, so much mileage out of the "my friend" thing! I guess I do say that a lot. No one else says that? I just like exclaiming repeatedly that my friends are my friends!
Or we could say "The Pumpkin Peddlers...Your Autumnal Orb Specialists." Almost the same thing but a little different twist.