Monday, August 21, 2006

Cukes Gone Wild!

Get a load of these! I pick about 8 of these every other day! AHHHH!!! Help! I've been giving
them to anyone who has happened to stop by and I've made marinated cucumbers and tazihki sauce (that yummy cucumber/dill sauce for meditteranean food)...but what else can you do with cucumbers? Lots of salads? I love the green marvels, but there's only so many a woman can handle. It's too bad you can't freeze the suckers. So, if you want some cucumbers, come on by~we have plenty to share! And if you have any ingenious ways to use them up, please let me know! Posted by Picasa

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Jeff's Goofy Friend Amie said...

Hurray, you updated your blog too!!!!

My dad used to grow zucchini like mad, and my stepmom made the most awesome hollowed-out stuffed zucchini boats, with meat and cheese and rice in them...kinda like a stuffed pepper but a little heartier...