Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sesame St. Live... Elmo Makes Music

Who'd have ever thought 10 years ago that our Friday night excitement would be taking the kids to Sesame St. Live? But alas, it's true. And I have to admit it was fun. Sadly, I could sing along with most of the songs.

We decided that this would be fun to do for #3's 1st birthday since we don't have a lot of family around to do a party. The best, of course, was seeing the boys' faces. Especially #2 & #3. #1 was trying to act like it wasn't cool...but I caught him dancing and smiling most of the time! :) Little man was so funny wigglin' around to the music. And Tibbers (by the way, he's informed us he doesn't want to be called that anymore!! Oh no, is he growing up?!) had a pasted on amazed smile. It was waaayyy past little one's bedtime by the time it was over, but he held on and I'd say it was money well spent. The best part is that we got the $26 tickets on presale for only $13! I would recommend it for preschool age kids for sure.

As a minor gripe, I was very ticked off when the event staff lady came and told me that I couldn't use a camera with a detachable lens! What the hay? Anyone have any idea why that would matter? I specifically read the website and it said you could take still photos but no sound or video recording. So I was a little perturbed. Good thing I'd been clicking away early on or I'd have no pictures!

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