Sunday, August 17, 2008

Indiana Johnson

The boys have been a bit obsessed with Indiana much so that they are constantly humming the theme song. Dundundundun, dundundun, dundundundun, dun du du dun dun...I have been humming it constantly too! Anyhow, Frompa sent them some fun "back to school" suprises which consisted of an Indiana Jones signature satchel and hat. BO#1 uses his button up dress shirt, a belt as a whip and creates adventures about the yard. In these pictures, Jeff caught him "accidently" falling into the pool with all his clothes on! While he was there, he thought it the perfect opportunity to act out the scene when Harrison Ford jumps into the river to catch the plane in Raiders of the Lost Ark. All I can say is Oy Vey. I guess you could say that he gets the movie bug from his dad. I must admit he makes a good Indi...and he's got the outfit down to a T!
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