Monday, May 05, 2008

An Apology to my Parents

I now know why parents are saints...all soccer/baseball/football/whatever parents. I swear that the coldest time of year in Idaho isn't Winter; it's soccer season. Just imagine 40 some degrees with gusting winds. You can see the people bundled up in the pictures. You can also see how terrible these pictures are. You wanna know why? Because I thankfully had the excuse of a five-month old baby to take myself (and said child, along with BO2) to the car in order to avoid frostbite. Thank goodness my camera has a 10x zoom, cuz I used it. Now that you know the conditions in which they were taken, not too bad, huh? Now mind you, my parents didn't have to watch any outdoor recreational sports in a cold climate...but I still appreciate the effort that it was. So thanks Mom & Dad...
And on another note, well, really a confession of sorts; I don't have better pictures because I only remembered to take my camera to the last game! Gasp! I wasn't raised in a picture-happy family (like some people I, Grammy!) The only real picture taking that went on around my family was when Grandpa cut our heads off with the Polaroid on Holidays. So it's a real battle to not only remember to take the camera along, but to use the darn thing.
Enough about me, :), on to BO1 and this soccer thing! He played great this year. It was really fun to see some of the basic skills "click" with him. He particularly enjoyed playing defender and did a great job. He is very aggressive getting after the ball. Maybe he'll take after his dad and play goalie! The second picture is a great shot of him staying limber during the game...and also the excellent coach. Pic #3...self was cold!
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