Sunday, April 20, 2008

Two Chompers

Well, in a span of about 2 weeks we've seen the arrival of BO3's first two bottom teeth! The first was tough, but #2 seemed to be easier on him. Nothing that a few doses of baby pain-reliever can't cure :) It's hard to see the second tooth in this picture, but it's there...have you ever tried to take a picture of a baby's tooth? It's harder than you think! Other than that excitement, we've been busy as usual. Hubby was gone to Holland for 8 days for a business trip; luckily Beppe came to stay with us to help with the hectic week. We finished stripping wallpaper in both boys' rooms and she helped by painting BO1 & BO2's room an "ARMY" color. I'll post pictures later (gotta finish the camaflouge curtains first!) Hubby's off tomorrow for another 2 day/1 night trip for work. This time to CA. Another week of soccer and swimming lessons to look forward to! Oh, and a Pampered Chef party I'm hosting on Friday night! That should be, drink, friends. Good way to spend an evening!
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