Monday, April 28, 2008

Bread and More Bread

We were having some family over for dinner on Saturday night for a birthday celebration...and in my typical "over doing it" way, I couldn't just make one loaf of bread. Nope. The fear of having it not turn out well forced me into making 2 types. The left two are just a yummy white bread recipe, the far right is a great Farmhouse Pumpernickel. Did you know that cocoa powder is an ingredient in pumpernickel...I learn something new everyday! The little roll was white bread dough given to BO2 to make his own...they always like handling the doughs when I bake. The smaller loaf in the upper right corner is a sourdough loaf I made the day before. I used an "Easy Sourdough Starter" recipe with not the best results. The bread tasted good, but it took a FULL DAY for the bread to rise after shaping! I'm sure I did something wrong! And I know my yeast is good, because the other loaves rose perfectly. Oh well, guess I'll have to try a Not-so-easy starter recipe. Anyone have a good one?
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Tyler & Marjean said...

Hey, I'm just impressed by the effort! They look great!

Beth said...

Yummy! I expect this type of obsessive cooking behavior when we come to dinner!