Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Fever in Idaho!

We've got it. You gotta love Idaho...we have snow three weeks later it's 75F and the boys are in the pool! Garrett's been trying his hand at bike riding without his training wheels. Not too good yet; but mostly because he only tries a couple of times before he gets frustrated and stomps off! Oh, childhood is so rough! You can see Caleb enjoying the warm weather sporting his new spring wardrobe choice--no shirt, no shoes, no problem (at our house anyway!) I'm expecting cooler temperatures any minute. We've had record highs for this time of year, but until it cools again I'm going to enjoy it!

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cindy said...

Hi guys!!

I understand that CONGRATULATIONS are in order ~~~ guess you're gonna have to "update" your profile!!! The boys must be thrilled ~~ especially Garret!!! Sending you all my love and best wishes!! Fingers crossed for a baby girl ~ but ~ I'm sure your just hoping for 'healthy'!!!! me too!!!
HUGS ~~~ Cindy